Home-made liqueur

In the olden days liqueur was home-made. It was called rosolio, from the Latin ros solis, which means sun dew: a poetic name, which sounded like strawberry, flavour, simplicity. Rosoli,

containing little alcohol and much sugar, usually took their name from the flavours which scented them and were a fountain of colours. To prepare them you do not need special utensils; a weighing bottle, some funnels - possibly crystal funnels -, jugs and clean bottles are the bare minimum. The operation which has to be done with the greatest care is the filtration, as this is responsible for the liqueur clearness.

You need a special filter paper, a square whose sides are 20 cm long, transversally folded in two as to form a triangle to be folded again. For want of a filter paper, you can use common absorbent paper or cotton wool to be placed in the internal side of the funnel. To be sure of a good result

you could filter the liqueur a second time. A label with contents and date of preparation is attached on the hermetically sealed bottles. They are stored in cupboards or cellars, keeping in mind that also a handicraft liqueur improves with maturing.


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