The agruminato

"Agruminato" is the name of our citrus garden, one typical of the Sorrento Peninsula.  It is especially unique because of its special location right in the center of Sorrento.  Originally named "Fondo Petrulo," it belonged to the nearby Excelsior Vittoria Hotel in the past, then later to shipbuilder Achille Lauro.  Its original size was approximately 60,000 square meters.

Lemon Grove

Today, a portion of the original estate, approximately 11,000 square meters, remains a working citrus garden, miraculously rescued from the building speculations of the 1960s and 70s.  The Municipality of Sorrento purchased this remaining piece of land and at the beginning of the 21st century, inaugurated it as the citrus garden Agruminato and opened it to the public.

The rescuing of this last oasis of green in a sea of concrete developments is indicative of an awareness to preserve traditional values and a concerted effort to share our traditions with everyone and future generations.


Today, I Giardini di Cataldo is the caretaker of this special place.  We pick the fruits from the citrus trees in the garden and produce fresh drinks and refined liqueurs with them.  The unique aromas from these Sorrento fruits are simply unmistakable.


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