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I Giardini di Cataldo is based in Sorrento, a city renownedfor its beautiful landscape and the products of its land - various citrus fruits including the famous Sorrento lemon, as well as the walnut.  These are the produce we cultivateand use in our products, namely liqueur, jam and marmalade, and gelato ice cream.

Cataldo EspositoThe history of I Giardini di Cataldo goes hand in hand with the history of the Esposito family that has scrupulously, lovingly, and devotedly taken care of the orchard estate (named “Petrulo”) since the 19th century and according to traditions dating back to then when the family produced exclusively for the customers of the Excelsior Vittoria Hotel. In the book “Terre di Casa Mia” by author Roberto Fusco, he referred to Peppino of the Esposito family and wrote the following:

"His talent was exceptional.  His citrus orchard was lovely - a brilliant dark green full of shady trees that blocked the view of the sky and hid the horizon.  He was unfailingly precise in his grafting technique and gave careful attention when he had to prune branches. His motions reflected his love for plants.  With accurate precision in some moves, and strong force at other times, he adapted himself to nature, becoming part of it and identifying with it...

After famous shipbuilder Achille Lauro purchased the orchard estate, Cataldo Esposito, son of Peppino, maximized the land's productivity.  He was an innovator.  He introduced the technique of grafting lemon branches to orange trees, thereby boosting overall citrus fruit production.  With a workforce including 80 workers per day, all coordinated with great mastery, the company reached important milestones, including coming first in "the Best Company in Southern Italy."

 Cataldo Esposito in the lemon grove

Cataldo's son Salvatore Esposito took over subsequently the management of the orchard garden.  Thanks to his love for nature and for his work, Salvatore has kept the orchard garden intact and brought it forward to the 21st century.

I Giardini di Cataldo was founded in 1999 by Salvatore in honor of his father Cataldo who firmly believed in the preserving and handing down of traditions to future generations.  Apart from producing citrus fruits, the Esposito family of I Giardini di Cataldo is devoted to the production of liqueurs, marmalade, and gelato ice cream using artisanal techniques.

 The Farm I Giardini di Cataldo




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