Orange Liqueur 70 cl

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About this product:

Our orange liqueur is made with care and passion, using only the best oranges from our gardens. Each bottle encapsulates the intense flavour and fresh, citrusy aroma of the typical Sorrento oranges, grown under the sun of our land. The orange liqueur is perfectly suited as a digestive or as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails, always offering a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Our farm is committed to promoting the tradition and quality of the Sorrento Coast, through authentic and genuine products.

100% Local Products

The farm produces traditional liqueurs, jams and sweets, using only natural ingredients grown on its own land. All products are made using artisanal methods handed down through generations, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the recipes and respect for local traditions. Attention to detail and care in the processing result in superior quality liqueurs with an intense and unmistakable flavour. Each bottle encapsulates the history of a land, a family and its cultural roots.

Quality and Taste!

Giardini di Cataldo is renowned for the production of high quality products with excellent taste. The careful selection of raw materials, cultivated naturally and without the use of pesticides and chemicals, ensures that each product is at the peak of freshness and goodness. Thus the lemon liqueur is characterised by the intense and fragrant flavour of freshly picked lemons, and the orange liqueur is made from the best oranges in the area, cultivated using ancient farming techniques, which give them a unique and inimitable taste. The farm has always been committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of its products, which are appreciated by customers all over the world for their authenticity and genuineness.

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