From the "Land of Sirens" with love

"I Giardini di Cataldo" is an agricultural company that has deep roots in the marvellous city of Sorrento, famous all over the world for its beautiful landscape and the precious fruits of the earth. Since the distant 1800s, the Esposito family, has been cultivated its agricultural land called 'Petrulo' with great passion and dedication. The company's founder, the charismatic Cataldo Esposito, was a true innovator in the agricultural sector. Thanks to his vision, infact, he introduced the technique of grafting lemons onto orange trees, boosting the production of citrus fruits and achieving exceptional results that his son, Salvatore, continues to pursue today, cultivating and preserving the garden according to the Sorrento agricultural tradition.

Original Handmade Sorrento Specialities